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Coexcl is one of the India's own Brand for the global Academic Networks connecting the academic professionals, schools, colleges, Institutes, students, Parents and assists in making a brighter future of your children.

Advanced Academic ERP:

Artificial Intelligence ERP module aims at easing the hassles and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the administrative.

Online Expert sessions:

With the constant support of our global knowledge partners present everywhere across the globe.

Academic Branding

Our team starts the branding process with an honest and unbiased assessment of the existing brand so that we can determine how your institution is currently perceived by its parents and other institution in your area.

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At Coexcl, we connect our users with the world of possibilities and learning through Networking.

"We built Coexcl to ease the stress of parents in the education of their children while helping schools to concentrate on the job of educating these children." – Dr. Ing.j Kumar (Knowledge Partner in Germany)

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Coexcl provides a user friendly digital platform to the students, teachers and parents to keep a close eye on their progress and work thus saving time and energy in searching and handling mandatory records. A professional and human centered approach makes the access easier for everyone, hence aiding the exchange of innovatory ideas as well as values. Coexcl also strives to bring out the best part of personality in a student to enable him stand out in a crowd. Coexcl is a dedicated socio-academic networking portal and one stop solution to maintain data, interact globally and groom the students in such way that they outshine with flying colours.


Our mission is to connect the most remote educational institutions, offer them cheap technology and bring them to appreciate technology in education.


Serving the best to mankind and aiming towards the joy to behold, Coexcl promises to provide a transparent and open end portal to schools, colleges and institutions to connect and establish an internet of things for their entire fraternity.

Our Team

Our World’s best Academic ERP Interface, designed by the proficient programmers and Software Engineers, after a thorough Market research on education system. Our team is headed by the alumni of IITs and IIM’s

"We believe that not every studend is memory card, some are meant to be Processors too. We want to make sure that we are exiting young people around math and science and technology and computer science. We don't want our kids just to be consumers of the amazing things that science generates; We want them to be producers as well. And we want to make sure that those who historically have not participated in the science as robustly - that they are encouraged as well. We've go to make sure that we're training great calculus and biology teachers, and encouraging students to keep up with their physics and chemistry classes... It means teaching proper research methods and encouraging young people to challenge accepted knowledge."

-Abhishek Anand


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info@coexcl.com for general and business queries

ask@coexcl.com for student and academic queries