About us

We believe that not all students are same and everyone has got some special talents, the only thing required is to bring that hidden talent out, and let them set free to choose their path. Therefore we had led our prime focus on Online tutors availability so that students should be always comfortable to ask any doubt anytime without hesitation.

Because not every student is a memory card, some are meant to be Processors too.
- Dr. Ing. Jitendra Kumar

COEXCL Services Pvt. Ltd is an Edtech venture founded by a team of IITian’s and Alumni’s of the best Indian universities, with an idea to make ONE PLANET ONE EDUCATION. We believe in idea of imparting education which is LIVE and is accessible to everyone 24*7, so that the children, who are the future of the country, they will not only become the consumer of technology but also the creator of technology. 

That’s why ,we came with an idea of portal which gives 360-degree solution to all academic needs. It is one of a smart Portal in the entire world which gives you a facility of 24*7 online LIVE tutor dedicated to Schools and their students. Thus,it not only enhances the education level but also leads to increase brand value of the school.

We are Always Ready for a Challenge.

We have a strong team of Tutors, and IT experts, who are ready for any challenge. We continously work towards betterment of our services and reach so that we can solve as many doubts as we can on daily basis, and make students confident enough to stand anywhere.

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Mission & Vision

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We aim towards a better future for our students, and want to work for their betterment of studies and education. As education is not merely a degree to have but its a way of thinking that is developed when you learn something, and that brings a positive change in your thought process. 

Our vision is to change the way of students by which they keep looking into the problems and as a matter of fear or hesitations they dont ask their doubts in class and pretend to know everything, which is a great problem. So we visualize our vision statement as make everyone as curious and as confident as they were as kids, sothat they may achieve the best of their capacity, & we are on a mission to reach to at least one million users in next two years. Which means that more and students are getting free from burden of mugging up in exams.