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About Us:

At COEXCL, we believe in the idea of simplicity. We believe that, making complicated things is the easiest task in the world, but the beauty lies within the simplicity of ideas and work, and that’s the reason that’s what make it the toughest task. So, here in COEXCL, we have designed a platform which is a one stop solution for all academics needs of any individual. We provide a platform where they can learn from networking, and get exposure in the world where changes and improvements are all too common. We make our students feel that they are special, and everyone is born with a talent. We tends to enhance their creativity and bring out the hidden Einstein or Newton or Ricky Martin within them. With our bundle of services, platforms and live online sessions they get to know the patterns of education around the world, and learn what they want to learn. Thus making and unifying our planet in a common thread of education and learning and also fun, as ONE PLANET ONE EDUCATION.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ing. Jitendra Kumar

Co-Founder and Knowledge Partner

We are glad to have a former IIT’an from Kharagpur (India), Mr.Jitendra has done so manyresearch projects & publications.Currently he is as a Associate Research Scientist – Rostock University, Germany and as our Co-Founder and a Knowledge partner who take cares of all the academic sections in the company.

Mr. Abhishek Anand

Co-Founder (India)

With years of his creativity in designing, and arts, and a pass out from NIFT (which is a Centre of Excellence Institute in India) he had laid foundations of COEXCL in a very creative way and is managing all the R&D and architecture of the project.

Mr. Anshuman Bharadwaj

Co-Founder (India)

A Management Professional with 10 years of rich experience as working in MNC’s, he is looking after Strategic Planning & is looking after Management in Sales & Marketing of COEXCL, Business Development, Channel Management and Team Management.

Mr. Ravi Singh

Founder (India)

A Management Professional and a visionary person with years of experience in Market Research and Operations, being a Founding member of the Management team looks after all the Operations and executions of programmes.


ONE PLANET ONE EDUCATION - The vision of the Organisation is to provide a quality set of education and exposure to the children across the globe. Inspite of so many technology, advancements, & improvements in our daily life we are still stuck in traditional ways of educating our children, no matter what the medium is, but if we see as a birds eye view, the outcome from any method of teaching (either smart learning, or classroom learning) is approx. same. Therefore we came up with our innovative way of teaching and learning through networking with experts across the world, and give children a full on exposure to the new world of possibilities by increasing their hands on experience and productivity. They can learn from anything, and our vision is that every children should be linked with rest of the world where they can find all academic solutions, guidance, exposure, learning, experience, career counselling etc, and all that by a common single Platform, and raise the quality of education and thus make the future of globe better and make it shine.

Our Knowledge Partners:

Mr. Sumeet Kale

Knowledge Partner from France

Has done BSC and MSC from University of Pune (India). And currently he is pursuing Phd. In Glycerol Acetylation from Rostock University, Germany. Also he is Senior research associate Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse, France.

Mr. Kamlesh Singh

Knowledge Partner from Netherland

Mr. Kamplesh has done M. Tech in ECE from IIT Bombay, India and is also a Ph.D research associate on power circuit design Eindhoven university of Technology, Netherland

Dr. Rahul Sharma

Knowledge Partner from United Kingdom

Dr. Sharma has done M. Sc in Biotechnology, from Kumaun-University, India, and Ph.D on Molecular Genetics/Embryology from University of Rostock, Germany. He is also a Senior research associate in University of Leeds, UK.