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Founded in the year 2018, COEXCL had started in journey from Bihar and then soon it started growing by the help of its well organised and disciplined team. The Founding members are from IIT's , NIFT, and some of the best Colleges which not only gave them a competitive edge on Tutoring and IT but soon they developed a well managed team for academics lead by IIT'ans.

With initial phases of hurdles in Product development and launch, COEXCL started to make a mark and presence in the heart of students through its uniqueness of being available for students 24x7. Although several others players existed in market, but through consistency and performance it kept on growing and touching lives of students in a very different way. Currently we are running our 3rd Version Upgrade.


Shreya, who is a student of class 10th, has used our 24x7 online tutor chat facility and she felt very attached to the system. In most of the cases, the students tends to avoid questioning in classes or in some private tuitions, reason being the peer pressure. Many of the students also thinks that if they ask this question in class then it will sound dumb to others. So, we made a platform where o matters how long you study and how many doubts is there in your mind, our tutors are always there to help you 24x7. 

Along with tutor chat our App comes with inbuilt features like lesson videos, quizzes, Chapter summary, etc. Also there are other loaded features too, like fun facts, STEM Videos, make notes options etc. COEXCL, thus brings you a unique experience of learning and also connects you to your school at the same time, and keeps you updated all the time. We provide Enterprise Version also for schools in which they can stay connected with their students through our platform. So, as she began to use our system, it not only enhanced her questioning ability but also raised a higher level of confidence.

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Switching From Traditional

Hello Parents..!!

Not all you think about technology is right.

Whether you think technology is good for your child or bad or even worse… Everything has its own pros and cons.

Do not blame the technology for making your child a spoiled brat… Your child may be having a bad company. Know your child friend circle; it may help you get him stronger and a right person indeed.

What does your child do on the phone?? Have you ever witnessed it? Yesss, there are parents who have a keen knowledge of their child’s life. But not all of them. Of course, every parent should know about it.

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Artificial Intelligence:AI

Gone are the days when we use to perform every task manually and seek sort of help from others, now we are in the arena where lot of work is occupied and done by software, machines and various automated programmers. And with respect artificial intelligence (AI) has made its fixed prominent place in our word and making it progress today for better future.

Although we have heard a lot about AI but clearly we don’t have any actual idea. Yes, so first of all we should know what Artificial Intelligence is. Sometimes called the machine intelligence, in this the machines are able to......

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Perfect Learning Platform: CoExCl

Are you worried about your child’s performance?

Is your child getting the right tutoring?

We are here to help you out..!!

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or be it any subject. Subject-wise courses for your child. CoExCl is a platform where your child gets tutoring assistance from experts straight at your home at your observation. Tutoring was never so easy and accessible. Whether your child is an owl or an early bird while studying, we would always be there to assist the kid.

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